ToT Update May 1, 2018

Theology on Tap
Monday evenings 7:00-8:30
The Beacher Cafe, 2162 Queen St. E.

We will not be meeting on Monday, May 7th. The following week we will begin discussing Leaving Christianity by Brian Clarke and Stuart Macdonald. Due to its newness the authors' distributor is unable to obtain sufficient inventory for commitments and Ben McNally is also unable to get us a discount. I have looked online and the best price I can find from a somewhat ethical source is Indigo where it is $32.61 for the paperback edition. We are going to ask those who are interested to please purchase it themselves.

The following book will be The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone. Ben is certain that he will be able to get us a 10% discount for this book with an order of ten. It’s regular price is $31.10. If you are interested in participating in a group purchase please let either Erin or M.J. know.