September 8, 2021

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 2021 - “There are really only three types of people; those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who say “what happened?” Ann Landers

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th, 2021 - Join us for morning worship at 10:00 – by phone, in person or by zoom. Rev. Katherine McCloskey leading.
We will celebrate communion – have at the ready, some juice/wine and bread.

True or False – One of September’s birth flowers is the morning glory.

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS - Sheila MacDonald; Jackie Ogier; Emma Kraay

Back in July, the city of Burnsville, Minnesota found monster goldfish during a survey of Keller Lake. Apparently, these common household pets can grow far bigger in the wild and cause major disruption to ecosystems. They also contribute to poor water quality by disturbing sediment and uprooting plants. Burnsville has therefore urged residents to stop releasing their unwanted pet fish into the wild.

In Minnesota, goldfish are a regulated invasive species, which means it is illegal to release them into public waters.

A goldfish kept in a home aquarium typically grows to about 2 inches in length. But once they are established in public waters, wildlife officials say, goldfish can grow up to 18 inches long. They then become difficult to remove, reproduce rapidly and dominate native species.

In October of 2020, some 50,000 goldfish were found in a creek in nearby Carver County.

But the U.S. isn't the only country to suffer from marauding goldfish. In 2017, Munich city council in Germany said shoals of goldfish were starving out all rivals in local ponds and lakes. The problem got so bad that the council threatened to fine anyone caught releasing their pets into public waters.

Now, I'm not sure what to do with goldfish you no longer want to keep around but, after reading about this in Yahoo News it's very clear what not to do with them.

MISSION CAPSULE: Robina lives with her mother, father and five siblings in a make-shift house in Afghanistan. Both of her parents are unemployed, and Robina is the only member of her family attending school. In Afghanistan 62% of children do not attend school. Often, families with many children cannot afford uniforms and school supplies for each child. Girls are especially disadvantaged because of a shared cultural belief that if girls study, they bring shame on their families. Only one in five students in Afghan schools are female, and only about one in ten adult women are literate. PWS&D is passionate about ensuring a world in which all children can access quality education. Working with local partners, PWS&D helps parents and religious leaders understand girls’ rights – most importantly, the right to education.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 2021 - Theology on Tap will gather at 7:00.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th, 2021 - Beaches Prayer Group will gather at 9:30.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 2021 - Picnic to meet with Hasan and his family - 1:00 pm – at a park near Lasalles Blvd. Pot luck, please bring chairs. More details to follow.

NOTE: Elisabeth Grant’s sudden death has created several areas in the church that need to be filled….as an example - there is a need for someone to supervise the Sunday hospitality groups when we can gather again in person. We need someone to clean the main floor bathrooms. Someone to change the falls in the sanctuary when the seasons change. Someone to prepare communion. Many, many jobs – if you feel so moved, please speak to your elder or send me an email.


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Have a good week – stay safe. MB