November 27, 2020

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, 2020 - “In this life we cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29th, 2020 -- FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT – Join us for morning worship at 10:00 Rev. Katherine McCloskey leading….we will all have to picture our annual advent wreath, in our minds eye, this year. Hopefully many of us have created our very own Advent wreath

Hasan and his family have completed their isolation and are now free to explore their new home city. The best news is that a second Syrian family with three children, just this week moved into the same building. They have been in Canada for quite awhile and I’m sure will be helpful and good company.

MISSION CAPSULES: As COVID-19 continues to affect people and communities around the world PWS&D is responding to some of those most impacted. After initially supporting lifesaving and urgent care projects, PWS&D is now helping provide long term COVID-19 relief through Canadian Foodgrains Bank and ACT Alliance. Given the enormous risk of food insecurity, food aid is being provided. PWS&D is also helping ensure families have access to clean water and sanitation, and that COVID-19 prevention messages are being shared. Additionally, psychosocial support is being offered to help cope with the effects of the pandemic.

BOARDING HOMES: Thank you to all who have taken the time to drop off gifts for the Boarding Homes Christmas. There are 15 men in the home and our team are putting together the annual Christmas gift bags. Cash donations are welcome – we will do the shopping for you. Please contact Erin Sclisizzi if you have any questions. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Items can be dropped off at the church during office hours – Thursday mornings from 9-12 … deadline is December 15th.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, 2020 - Theology on Tap will gather via Zoom at 7:00.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2nd, 2020 - Beaches Prayer group will gather at 9:30. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact any one of us. Elisabeth Grant; Doug Duke; Sheila MacDonald; Susan Kopolus; Katherine McCloskey


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 2020 - Beaches will be presenting Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, electronically.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 21st, 2020 - Beaches Longest Night Service –

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24th, 2020 - Beaches Christmas Eve Service – 6:30

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT – English Signs from Around the World.

Cocktail Lounge, Norway - Ladies are requested not to have children in the bar!

Dry Cleaners, Bangkok - Drop your trousers here for the best results!

On the main road to Mombasa, leaving Nairobi - Take notice, when this sign is under water, the road is impassable!

Doctor’s office, Rome - Specialist in Women and other Diseases!

In a City Restaurant - Open Seven Days a week and weekends!

In a Cemetery - Persons are prohibited from picking flowers from any but their own graves!

On the menu of a Swiss Restaurant - Our wines leave you nothing to hope for!

Have a good week – wear your mask and light an Advent candle. MB