October 1, 2020

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 2020 - “Every choice has the ability to take us from the path, but it is also the way back at the same time.”
Richard Wagamese

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 2020 - Jazz & Reflection Online – Steve Hunter, piano. Music to include Duke Ellington, Joplin, and other 60’s music with a jazz flavour. Register on Eventbrite to receive the video link.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 2020 - Join us for morning worship at 10:00 – Rev. Katherine McCloskey leading.

NOTE: We indicated awhile back that we were targeting October 4th to re-open Beaches for a form of in-person worship. We developed a protocol for safe, in-person worship that meets or exceeds the local public health guidelines and canvassed the congregation. Since we made that announcement, we have seen the new infection numbers climb in Toronto and we are aware that a number of those who indicated a desire for in-person worship have changed their minds as a result.

However, our protocol remains valid and we have learned from the experience of other churches who have re-opened their doors. There remain some who wish to have the option of in-person worship available. As such, Session has decided to proceed with opening the Sanctuary on October 4th for a dry run to evaluate our capability to provide in-person and Zoom worship in parallel. Session will discuss the results of this dry run at our regular meeting of October 8th; at present there is no plan to open the church on Thanksgiving Sunday as we continue to monitor the situation in the City of Toronto and more information becomes available.

If you still intend to attend in person on Sunday, October 4th, please contact the church office so that we will know who to expect beyond the small team organising the worship. If you intend to attend, this is what to expect;

- All surfaces will be cleaned, including washrooms, prior to entry on Sunday morning.

- All doors will be open and remain so throughout the service to ensure touchless entry

- We will have a person to act as a marshal to ensure physical distancing and masking is maintained at all times and to assist with entry to and egress from the Sanctuary.

- Pews will be marked off so as to indicate physical distancing , though people in the same family group are, of course, able to sit together.

- There will be NO singing, not even humming, of hymns, which will remain pre-recorded.

- People may join in with the responsive prayers, while continuing to wear masks.

- Anyone speaking – including reading into the microphone – must remain masked.

- Following the service, people will leave the sanctuary and may gather – again, recognising physical distancing – outside the church to chat, if they wish.

In effect, we expect that the experience will be like attending the service via Zoom, except people will be doing so inside the sanctuary rather than inside their home. We recognise that for some this will be more constraining than worshiping from home – we know some like to sing along with the hymns – but it will provide the opportunity to be with other congregants in real time in the Beaches Sanctuary for those that value that possibility.

We recognise that times continue to be challenging and that we are all struggling to manage our lives amid the pandemic. Beaches Session continues to grapple with how best to serve our congregation in an inclusive and caring way. We welcome your prayers as we do so and invite you to reach out with any cares or concerns.

If you or anyone in your household is displaying ANY symptoms of COVID 19 or have travelled outside of Canada and arrived back within the last 14 days, you should not attend in person.

MISSION CAPSULE: Mistawasis Memorial Presbyterian Church in Mistawasis Nehiyawak First Nation, Saskatchewan, holds a unique place within the history of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Not only is this church one of the oldest within our denomination, it is also the only PCC church located on a reserve. Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing … have enabled this congregation to faithfully provide ministry in the Mistawasis community. In addition to a yearly Vacation Bible School program and a women’s craft club, Mistawasis Memorial PC has launched a new girls’ empowerment program. After school, girls in grades 1-8 gather to learn about fitness and life skills. The prayer of this program is that these skills will help the girls live fulfilling lives.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 2020 - Theology on Tap gather via Zoom to continue the discussion.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7TH, 2020 - Beaches Prayer Group gather at 9:30.

I get my energy

From the rising of the sacred sun and the feeling of the soft morning breeze

I get my oxygen from the trees.

I find inspiration in the mystical rainbow after the rain

And a loving animal always soothes my pain.

I find faith in the stars in the sky, so vast, so mysterious, proof that there’s something beyond this.

It’s only necessary to take it in, not to ask why.

Sitting silently in a forest, I gain insight. -- Angel Power

Have a good week - be safe MB