July 9, 2020

THURSDAY, JULY 9th, 2020 - I hate it when people act all intellectual and talk about Mozart while they’ve never even seen one of his paintings!!

SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 2020 - Join us for morning worship at 10:00 – Rev. Katherine McCloskey leading, we will celebrate communion.

So, to join us at 9:45 – see your Tidbits Email or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for instructions.

MISSION CAPSULES: Camps and conference centres have been an important part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada for many years, providing vital ministry outreach to all ages. For adults, conference centres create “sacred spaces” for retreat, leadership development, education, missionary training, vocational discernment and so much more. For children and youth, a summer camp experience can help them to grow spiritually, socially and physically in a fun-filled and safe place of adventure and challenge. Camps play an important role in faith formation for children who would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about Christ’s love. Please pray for PCC camps and conference centres so that they many continue to provide vital life-giving outreach for many years to come. (Note: Obviously written prior to Covid 19) …

MONDAY, JULY 13th, 2020 - Theology on Tap will not be meeting again until July 27th. The new book is Acts of Faith by Eboo Patel. You can find electronic versions through the larger e-reader companies. Used copies are available through ABEbooks online.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 15th, 2020 - Beaches Prayer Group will gather this morning.


Do you have a map of the State of Jasper?

Is this the part of Canada that speaks French, or is that Saskatchewan?

If I go to B.C., do I have to go through Ontario?

Which is the way to the Columbia Ricefields?

How far is Banff from Canada?

What’s the best way to see Canada in a day?

Do they search you at the B.C. border?

When we enter B.C. do we have to convert our money to British pounds?

Where can I buy a raccoon hat? ALL Canadians own one, don’t they?

So it’s eight kilometers away … is that in miles?

Have a good week – stay cool & safe MB