April 30, 2020

THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, 2020 - During this time that we are living through I have discovered Richard Wagamese, an Ojibway author. So far I have read four of his books and have been moved by each of them. This is a quote from One Native Life - - “There is a song that is Canada. You can hear it in the bush and tree and rock, in the crash of a Pacific surf and the blowing of the breeze across a prairie sky. There are ancient notes in its chorus, voices sprung from Metis roots, Ojibway, Cree, Micmac and then French, German, Scottish and English. It’s a magnificent cacophony. I have learned that to love this country means to love its people. All of them. When we say “all my relations” it’s meant in a teaching way, to rekindle community. We are part of the great, grand order of humanity, and we need each other. It wouldn’t Canada with one voice less.” Amen to that …

SUNDAY, MAY 3rd, 2020 - Join us for morning worship at 10.00 from the comfort of your couch. Call 647-556-1123 OR uberconference.com/jda2602

MISSION CAPSULE: When the war in Syria intensified in 2012, many families were driven from their homes. The bombing of Garib’s family apartment left him clutching his two-day old son as they ran “a race for their lives.” In his family’s new home in Lebanon, employers are hesitant to hire refugees, so every day is a struggle. Garib’s family misses the things that made Syria home: “My four year old remembers that he used to have a bicycle back in Syria. That’s not an option for him here.” Through a PWS&D supported program, Garib, his wife and children and his extended family are able to access food vouchers, milk and diapers as well as psychosocial care. Grateful for the support they receive, Garib said, “I think the church does this because Christianity is love.”

MONDAY, MAY 4th, 2020 - Theology on Tap continue to gather at 7:00 by Zoom. Misguided Love by Charles Fensham of Knox College is the current book. For sign-in information contact M.J.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6th, 2020 - Beaches Prayer Group continue to gather by conference call. If you have any requests for prayer please contact one of us. What we do is important and totally confidential. Doug, Sheila, Elisabeth, Susan, Katherine and myself.


Medical Term – Recovery Room -- Definition – place to do upholstery

Medical Term - Secretion -- Definition – Hiding something

Medical Term – Seizure -- Definition – Roman Emperor

Medical Term – Tablet -- Definition – A small table

Medical Term – Terminal Illness -- Definition – Getting sick at the airport

Medical Term – Tumor -- Definition – Two plus one more

Medical Term – Urine -- Definition – Opposite of you’re out

Have a good week, stay home and stay safe. MB