April 8, 2020

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8th, 2020 - Yesterday afternoon some choir members from a local church turned up in the garden where I live and sang for about 40 mins. We all came out on our balconies – it was lovely. Added to those moments of grace were two robins and a cardinal who came and stayed for most of the singing….

THURSDAY, APRIL 9th, 2020 - Maundy Thursday service at 7:00 – join in by calling - 647-556-1123. I think we should all enjoy a bowl of soup, some fruit and bread to help us all remember other Maundy Thursday services. There will be communion – if you wish to participate please be ready with bread and wine or juice.

FRIDAY, APRIL 10th, 2020 - GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE at 10:00 –


MISSION CAPSULE: The Synod of Saskatchewan receives a yearly Regional Resourcing Grant to hire staff who support and grow the province’s ministry and mission. Martha Fergusson, the Synod Youth Coordinator, coordinates Saskatchewan Presbyterian youth, participation in CY and summer Vacation Bible School programs across the province. Most churches have more children during VBS than they would have on a single Sunday during the school year. Martha said, “God is at work each day. The children often want to stay another week, the singing is wonderful and churches feel supported. Hopefully we leave an imprint of the gospel and hospitality in all we teach.”

MONDAY, APRIL 13th, 2020 - On Monday evening Theology on Tap finished reading its most recent book. After the regular conversation members discussed whether or not to continue meeting virtually. It was agreed that although we cannot wait until we can go back to The Beacher Café, virtually getting together and discussing a thought provoking book, even a bad one, is better than not getting together at all. The next book we are examining is Misguided Love by Charles Fensham of Knox College. Many of the group have already acquired it at its launch. Because the book is so recently published it is not yet available in libraries, AND our libraries are closed. It is however, available electronically and through book stores that are delivering at this time. Discussion of the book will begin April 13th at 7:00 by Zoom and we will discuss chapter one. For the sign-in information contact M.J.


Medical term - Artery: Definition - The study of paintings

Medical term – Bacteria: Definition - Back door to cafeteria

Medical term – Barium: Definition - What doctors do when patients die

Medical term – Benign: Definition - What you be after you be eight

Medical term – Caesarean Section: Definition – A neighborhood in Rome

Medical Term – Cat Scan: Definition – searching for kitty

Have a good week and stay home - MB