April 2, 2020

THURSDAY, APRIL 2nd, 2020 - “Apparently turning up at a bank wearing a mask is now ok”!!!

AND Thursday evening at 7:30 on Facebook Live – East End Ministries – a hymn sing from Eastminster United Church led by Hilary Donaldson.

SUNDAY, APRIL 5th, 2020 - PALM SUNDAY – You can join our morning service at 10:00 by using one of these: Uberconference.com/jda2602 – or – call 647-556-1123.


“We are reducing the death of moms and babies through education and support,” said Mary Samuel, reflecting on the work of the PWS&D supported Village Safe Motherhood Committee in her community. Part of PWS&D’s maternal and child health project in Malawi, these committees are volunteer groups of women and men who educate their peers on sexual and reproductive health issues. From equipping men and women to combat sexually transmitted diseases to encouraging women to seek proper medical care and nutrition support throughout their pregnancies, the committees are helping whole communities safeguard their health. “Since the project started, there are fewer maternal deaths in our community.”!

NOTE: Susan Kopulos is busy making masks for the Michael Garron Hospital – so – if you have any narrow elastic and/or white or light 100% cotton fabric (old sheets or pillowcases) and/or polyester fabric for the masks , we will be very grateful and will arrange for pickup.

HISTORY: In 1954 Nash became part of the American Motors Corporation and the assembly of the Ambassador and Rambler models were built at the Danforth Avenue factory until 1957, when the plant was closed. Five years later Eatons open a store in the former car plant – Shoppers World at Victoria Park and Danforth.