March 26, 2020

THURSDAY, MARCH 26th, 2020 - Off the top!

Given the continuing situation with COVID-19, Session has decided that the suspension of worship at Beaches will continue beyond the end of March. We will re-evaluate the situation as and when more information and guidance becomes available. Our first “virtual” service will be this Sunday, March 29th. Details will be available later.

NOTE: Several people have dropped off their weekly offering to the church – this is so appreciated. If you are not on PAR and think this might be the time to join that system, contact Sheila MacDonald.

MONDAY, MARCH 30th, 2020 - Last Monday we had our first Theology on Tap on line. We were few in number and did not go as long as usual for a variety of reasons, but we enjoyed it. We will continue this approach until we have at least finished our current book Secular Scripture by Northrop Frye. One of the problems with our current book is that we all love it and there is no disagreement among us. Next week if you are joining us we will be on Chapter four.

At the last get together we will decide whether or not to continue with our next book. We have already chosen to read Misguided Love by Charles Fensham. If we continue and you are thinking you would like to join the discussion but don’t own the book it is available electronically. Here is the technical information you need.

1. We are using the Zoom platform

2. You will need a computer or a tablet with a microphone and if you wish to see our smiling faces, a camera.

3. You will need to register.

4. If you wish to join, contact Erin or M.J. and you will be sent an email with specific registration instructions.

Something to think about ……

There is a chapel in the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem with windows in its domed ceiling to remind people that all prayers ought to be directed heavenward. More profound than this is the fact that the floor is sunken beneath the windows and that it is here that the pulpit has been placed. The chapel was built this way because the people who designed it believe that all prayer should be offered “out of the depths”

In keeping with this is the fact that one of this week’s Lenten Readings is Psalm 130:

From the depths of my despair I call to you Lord,

Hear my cry, O Lord,

Listen to my call for help!

If you keep a record of our sins,

Who could escape being condemned?

But you forgive us

So that we should stand in awe of you.

I wait eagerly for the Lord’s help

And in his word I trust

I wait for the Lord

More eagerly than sentries wait for the dawn

Israel, trust in the Lord

Because his love is constant

And he is always willing to save

He will save his people Israel from all their sins.

Have a good week – be safe and stay home! MB