October 3, 2019

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 2019 - “Life is like a dog sled team. If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” Lewis Grizzard

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 2019 - Candidates Meeting at Beach United Church – 7;00 – topics will focus on Environment, Health and Inequality.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 2019 - Jazz & Reflection at Beach United Church – 4:30 – 5:15 – featuring Gary Gregg , trumpet; Andrew Smith, Sax; Lorne Tepperman, piano; Jan Ravens, Bass and Mark Shannon, Drums.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 2019 - “The Music and Vegetable Experience” at Faith Presbyterian Community Church – 7:00 – Community dinner comprised of Ontario sourced vegetables grown within close proximity to the event – followed by a concert featuring the boardwalk pianist James Levac and a variety of local musicians. Tickets $25:00 available at The Big Carrot, Southwood & Kingston Road and Victoria Whole Foods 1450 Gerrard East.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6th, 2019 - Join us for morning worship, Rev. Katherine McCloskey leading. We will celebrate Communion – it is World Communion Sunday.

MISSION CAPSULES: Many children around the world do not have the opportunity to go to school for a variety of reasons – one of them is a lack of trained teachers. To improve access to quality education that helps children escape cycles of poverty, PWS&D’s girls education project in Afghanistan runs workshops to strengthen the capacity of teachers. Teachers are educated about child rights, gender and peace, and trained in improved teaching methods to ensure that access to education translates to positive learning outcomes for girls and boys. “My lessons were difficult and sometimes boring for the students,” admits Ismatullah, a school teacher in Bamyan, Afghanistan. “After receiving this training, I learned interactive teaching methods that improve the teaching quality and engagement of the students during classroom activities.”

MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th, 2019 - Theology on Tap continues at the Beacher Café -7:00 – come, join in the discussion.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2019 – Thanksgiving Service – this will be one of our Jazz Services and we will accept donations of food.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 2019 – Congregational Meeting following worship. The same day will be the annual Scotia Bank Marathon which ties up Queen Street, so we will not be able to park south of Queen.


Murphy’s Law of Lockers – If there are only two people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.

Law of Physical Surfaces – The chances of an open-faced jam sandwich landing face down on a floor are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet or rug.

Law of the Logical Argument – Anything is possible IF you don’t know what you are talking about.

The 50-50-90 Law – Whenever there is a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there is a 90% probability that you will get it wrong.

Law of Commercial Marketing Strategy – As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it OR the store will stop selling it.

Doctors’ Law – If you don’t feel well, make an appointment to go to the doctor, by the time you get there, you will feel better. But, don’t make an appointment and you will stay sick.

Have a good week - MB