February 25, 2011

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, 2011 - Ten months today is Christmas!!

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2011 - "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" - if you are signed up for tonight be ready to leave between 5:00 and 5:30 when you get a call telling you where you are dining. Enjoy!

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27th, 2011 - Join us for worship at 10:30 - Rev. Matt McKay leading.

and later the same day - "Musical Contrasts" featuring the Toronto Beach Chorale, and Music for Flute and Piano at Kingston Road United Church 7:30 pm $20.00 Adults $10.00 Youth and Seniors.

FRIDAY, MARCH 4th, 2011 - 7:00 pm - WORLD DAY OF PRAYER at St. John's Catholic Church on Kingston Road. This annual event brings together people of all faiths to celebrate together. This year the service features women of Chile. A reception will follow the service.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9th, 2011 - ASH WEDNESDAY - Season of Lent begins. Watch for news of Lenten events. There are many Pancake Suppers being offered in our area - I counted four at a variety of churches, plus a pancake breakfast being offered at Kingston Road United, as listed in the Beach Metro News.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23rd, 2011 - Plan for a Pot Luck Dinner at Mary Rae Shantz's home. This evening is about socializing, reconnecting and making plans for a Women's Day Away sometime in the spring. So, women of Beaches, mark your calendars.

ABOUT PRESBYTERIANS SHARING ... 943 Congregations across Canada helped raise $8,124,756.00 in 2010. These gifts helped start new congregations, train ministers, send out mission staff, equip congregations, support leadership development and address important issues at national and international forums, among other things. These gifts have changed people's lives.


The Arts - 'In last years Christmas concert, Linzi played the main prat. I played one of the smaller prats and I would like to have a bigger prat this year."

Science - "Helicopters are cleverer than planes. Not only can they fly through the air they can also hoover."

The Arts - .... "and at the end of the show we all sing away in a manager."

Geography - "In geography we learned that countries with sea round them are islands and ones without sea are incontinents."

Religious Studies - "If you marry two people you are a pigamist, but morons are allowed to do this."

Have a good week - MB