February 18, 2011

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 2011 - If you are out and about this weekend you might check out the Muskoka Carving Event in Gravenhurst. www.muskokacarvingevent.com

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 2011 - Lost Pilgrims Concert, Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church, reception 6:30 - concert 7:00. $15.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20th, 2011 - Join us for morning worship at 10:30 am. Rev. Matt McKay leading. There will be Birthday cake to help celebrate February Birthdays....they include Don Anderson, Jerry Greer, Shelby Greer, Nathan Greenley, Will Greenley, Adele Halliday, Klaas Kraay, Lisa Pierik Neutel, Nathan Neutel, Matt McKay, Carol Olson and Liz van Zanden.


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21st, 2011 - FAMILY DAY - enjoy!

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2011 - Our first of two "Guess Whose Coming to Dinner" evenings. There is still time to sign up. Speak to Linda Seiler or myself.

FRIDAY, MARCH 4th, 2011 - Work Day of Prayer 7:00 pm - St. John's Catholic Church on Kingston Road.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23rd, 2011 - Pot Luck Dinner at Mary Rae Shantz's home. Mark your calendar; this will be an evening to socialize, re-connect and make plans for a Women's Day Away sometime in the Spring.

MISSION CAPSULES: Our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing ... are helping to create new ministries in Canada, including Parkland First Presbyterian Church in Spruce Grove, Alberta. This congregation describes itself as a group of young families and retired seniors who follow the teachings of Jesus, value hospitality, care deeply about their community, place an emphasis on education, and love to eat together! Worship is highly interactive and multi-media driven, and provides children with the opportunity to play and express themselves. Over the past year, a youth group and board of managers have been established and attendance is growing. The congregation continues to search for land to purchase so that one day they might worship in their own building. Let us pray for Parkland First PC as it grows together as a family, forming strong connections with one anoher and with God.


Holidays - "On our activity holiday Dad wanted to ride the horses, but mom said they were too ekspensiv".

Maths - "I would like to be an accountant but you have to know a lot about moths".

Geography - "The closet town to France is Dover. You can get to France on a train or you can go on a fairy".

Maths - "If it is less than 90 degrees it is a cute angel".

History - "Then Joan of Ark met her end. She was burned as a steak".

Have a good week - MB