May 26, 2017

FRIDAY, MAY 26th, 2017 - “People is more important than anything, even grammar.”! Dan Harmon, TV Writer

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MAY 26, 27, 28th, 2017 - Beach Guild of Fine Arts “Small Paintings for Small Spaces” Art Show and Sale at the Gardener’s Cottage, Lee Avenue. Showcasing over 20 artists.

SATURDAY, MAY 27th, 2017 - Historical Walk through St. John’s Cemetery with Gene Domagala 11:00 am and 2:00 pm Meet at Woodbine and Kingston Road. As part of the “Doors Open” The Anglican Church of St. John the Baptist, Norway, will be open Saturday 10:00 – 5:00 and Sunday 12:30 – 5:00.

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MAY 27 & 28, 2017 - Doors Open Toronto.

SUNDAY, MAY 28th, 2017 - Join us for morning worship at 10:00 Rev. Katherine McCloskey leading.

MISSION CAPSULES: Razia always wanted to be a mother. But the young woman had struggled for years to conceive and feared something was wrong. In the remote village in Afghanistan where she lives, the closest health centre was a distance away; therefore medical check-ups and tests seemed a nuisance and the cost to travel an unnecessary expense. With the establishment of a PWS&D supported health centre in a nearby village, Razia was able to meet with medical professionals who addressed her health concerns and helped her receive proper treatment so she could get pregnant. Today, with improved access to necessary health services, Razia’a well-being has improved and her hope is restored.

SUNDAY, MAY 28th, 2017 - 3:00 - Toronto Chamber Choir – Sacred Sounds of Latin America, Church of the Redeemer, 162 Bloor Street, West (at Avenue Road) Tickets $30.00 – Seniors $25.00 - under 30 $12.50

Theology on Tap will begin about two weeks after our books arrive. This means we will not be gathering for our first get together on June 5th. Crux Book Store has assured us that they should not take too long to get here but we want people to have comfortable reading time before we begin to gather.

HABITAT BUILD - Seven members of Beaches will be joining with others in PEI from June 4th – 11th. They will be working on a two story home for a family of eight. It will be the 59th Habitat PEI home. The Team includes Robyn, Pat and Peter, Arvilla and Jim, Liz and Bill, Elizabeth & Mary (friends), Patricia (co-leader), and Janet (experienced Habitat builder).

NEWS: About a year ago we entered into a formal arrangement with a group of people from the community who wanted to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. They call themselves “the Simcoe Group”. In a nutshell, the arrangement was that they would donate funds to Beaches to be held in trust, and would eventually be paired with a Syrian family through the national office of the Presbyterian Church. They would then undertake to do the work of welcoming the Syrian family and sponsoring them for a year, as per the government’s expectations. I am delighted to report that the Simcoe Group has now been paired with a refugee family. The family is a single mother and three children, a 12 year old boy and two girls aged 10 & 7. They are from Syria but are currently living in Jordan. It is expected that they will be cleared to travel in the next few months. Let us hope and pray for the speedy arrival of this family. Klaas

SUNDAY, JUNE 4TH, 2017 - Beaches Jazz Service at 10:00

SATURDAY, JUNE 10th, 2017 - 11:00 am - A service of celebration of the life of Rodger Hunter will be held at Glenview Presbyterian Church, 1 Glenview Avenue, Toronto. The service will be followed by a reception and a BBQ.

Have a good week - MB