February 22, 2017

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2017 - Abraham Lincoln created the Secret Service on April 14th, 1865 - the very day he was shot at Ford’s theatre.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2017 - Join us for morning worship at 10:00 am – Rev. Katherine McCloskey leading. BEACHES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING following worship. Bring a snack, or lunch and please be prepared to stay.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2017 - 3:00 pm – Beach United – Toronto Beach Chorale presents “Maple Sugar Music”. Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, the concert features La Messe Quebecoise for choir, fiddle and spoons, a fusion of classical and French Canadian folk music. Tickets in advance $20.00 – at the door $25.00.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2017 - 1:30 pm - Tom Allen & Company are presenting “From Weimar to Vaudeville” at Kingston Road United Church. The story of two men, both sons of musical royalty. As America recovers from the Great Depression and while Germany descends into chaos, these two musical princes reach out to each other as the world tilts again toward war. Featuring music by Richard Strauss, Charlie Chaplin, Fletcher Henderson and others, plus some original songs from members of the cast. A wonderful gathering of singers and musicians.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 2017 - Ash Wednesday service at 7:30

MISSION CAPSULES: Presbyterians Sharing … supports congregations that are involved in an intentional program of transformation, like Heritage Green Family Church in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Heritage Green’s family style worship welcomes all ages with songs and prayers that make sense to kids and interactive activities that draw families into God’s presence. Every service brings families together, with Christ at the centre. The congregation is working to build strong relationships between neighbours within their community and believes that the stronger a neighbourhood becomes, the healthier the families who live there will be.

LENTEN DEVOTIONAL RESOURCE: The Presbyterian College has prepared a daily devotional for Lent 2017. It includes daily scripture readings, with reflections and prayers written by faculty, graduates, and board members of the College. You can receive the devotional in your email, as a PDF download, or in hard copy. Visit this site for more information: www.presbyteriancollege.ca/lent

COMING UP: Theology on Tap will resume on March 6th, 2017 - talking about the book The Politics of Jesus by Obery Hendricks. If you would like a copy and still don’t have one, speak to Erin or M.J.


Medical Staff              Doctor’s cane

Morbid                     higher offer

Nitrates                   Rates of pay for working at night
Node                       I knew it
Out patient                a person who has fainted
Post Operative             letter carrier
Recovery Room              place to do upholstery

Have a good week - MB