September 23, 2015

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2015 - "If ever there is a tomorrow when we're not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we are apart, I'll always be with you." Winnie the Pooh

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th, 2015 - 7:30 Calvary Baptist Church, Main Street, "Tarnished Angels" present Songs to Move the Spirit - contemporary Music Worship Band.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th, 2015 - Join us for morning worship at 10:00 - Rev. Rafael Vallejo leading. Today's sermon in based on a difficult text from Mark 9: "For everyone will be salted with fire and every sacrifice will be salted with salt." Scholars suggest that once the gospel left the world of Palestinian Judaism and moved into Greco-Roman contexts, the meaning of this phrase was eventually forgotten and remained ambiguous to interpreters throughout the Christian era. What do YOU understand by the expression "salted with fire"? Please let Rafael know before Sunday.

MISSION CAPSULES: Equipping congregations. Providing tools for growth and renewal. Encouraging generous giving. Developing worship resources. Equipping leaders. Engaging in justice issues. Supporting new ministers. And so much more! Your gifts to Presbyterians Sharing ... support staff at our national office as they work with ministers, lay leaders, treasurers, clerks, presbyteries and synods across Canada in many ways. More than just an office, 50 Wynford Drive is a meeting place where Presbyterians come together to plan, vision and share ideas. Do you have a question about mission trips? Need information at General Assembly? Want to make the internet work for your congregation? Staff at our national church ofice are just a phone call or email away!

LOCAL HISTORY: Hubbard Boulevard. Frederick Langdon Hubbard (1878-1953) was the son the William Peyton Hubbard, Toronto's first black alderman. This street was named after Frederick, the general manager of the Scarboro Beach Amusement Park, which for 18 years (1907-1925) occupied the land between Leuty and MacLean south of Queen. The boardwalk of the park ran along the beach right on the spot where Hubbard Blvd. is today. Modelled on Coney Island, the Scarboro Beach park offered a variety of amusements, recreations, funhouses, refreshments, dance pavilions and more. After the park closed in 1925 the area was laid out in a subdivision, with Hubbard Blvd the only reminder of the amusement park that once stood there.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 2015 - Julian Anderson Bowes will be performing with his Quintet - 8:30 - at Array Music Space, 155 Walnut Avenue where he will be Recording the live performance, as well as teaming up with Matt Fong's "Future Machines" making it a double Bill. The Quintet features; Leland Whitty, Tenor, Tara Kannangara, Trumpet and Flugel Horn, Chris Pruden, Piano, Ethan Ardelli, Drums and of course, Julian Anderson Bowes, Bass. Matt Fong's Future Machines; features Matthew Fong, Guitar, Chris Pruden, keyboards and Lorenzo Castelli, Drums.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 2015 - Julian Anderson Bowes and his Quintet - 9:30 pm at The Rex 194 Queen Street, West.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 2015 - Congregational meeting following morning worship. Further discussion about Rafael's contract with Beaches.


The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself.

In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted.

Warner Communications paid 28 million for the copyright to the song Happy Birthday.

Caffeine increases the power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some medicines.

The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armor raised their visors in identity.

Have a good week - MB