July 24, 2014

THURSDAY, JULY 24th, 2014 - "I intend to live forever - - so far so good!" Steven Wright

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, JULY 24TH - JULY 26TH, 2014 - Beaches International Jazz Festival Streetfest. - Queen Street will be closed to streetcars and cars but open to pedestrians and musicians. What fun. Check out the Blackboard Blues Band.

SATURDAY, JULY 26th, 2014 - Lori Gemmel & Tom Allen"s trilogy continues at Soulpepper Theatre in the Distillery District. This week a brand new show, filling the historical gap between the two. From Weimar to Vaudeville (1922 - 1936) It tells the story of two musical princes, one rich, one poor, reaching to each other across hardship and time between Berlin and New York as the world tilts again toward war. 8:30 - Tickets $20.00 general admission.

SUNDAY, JULY 27TH, 2014 - Join us for morning worship at 10:00 - summer hours - our Interim Moderator, Rev. Wes Denyer leading.

As we continue our journey of discernment for our future, our Session has accepted an offer from the Session of Queen Street East Presbyerian Church for the congregation of Beaches to worship with them on the Sundays of August 17th and August 24th. Their minister, Rafael Vallejo will lead worship at both services. There will be no services at Beaches on those two Sundays. Queen Street East service starts at 11:00.

MISSION CAPSULES: Knox, Campbellton and St. Luke's, Bathurst in New Brunswick are facing the same issues as many churches in rural areas: an aging population, changing demographics, increasing operating costs and decreasing revenue. In 2013, with support from Presbyterians Sharing ... the Rev. Glen Sampson was appointed as a full-time minister to help these congregations become vibrant ministries in their communities. A renewed focus on outreach is breathing new life into both churches. Each congregation is working had to raise it's community profile, with members finding ways to witness outside the walls of their buildings and become involved in mission locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Working together in service for others has strengthened their faith as they support one another and their wider community.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th - SUNDAY, AUGUST 10th, 2014 - Beach Guild of Fine Arts Summer Show and Sale at Todmorden Mills, 67 Pottery Road. Large and small paintings by the Guild's artis. Admission and parking are free.


Brown bread was something only poor people ate.

Oil was for lubricating, fat was for cooking.

Tea was made in a teapot using tea leaves and never green.

Sugar enjoyed good press in those days and was regarded as being white gold. Cubed sugar was regarded as posh.

Fish didn't have fingers in those days. Eating raw fish was called poverty, no sushi.

None of us had ever heard of yogurt.

Healthy food consisted of anything edible.

People who didn't peel potatoes were regarded as lazy.

Indian restaurants were only found in India.

Have a good week - MB