September 13, 2012

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 2012 - "Some things have to be believed to be seen!"

THURSDAY - Farmers Market at East Lynn Park - Danforth and Woodbine 3:00 - 7:00 pm

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th, 2012 - Join us for morning worship at 10:30 - Rev. Matt McKay leading.

MISSION CAPSULES: Livingstone Church has been serving Montreal's Park Extension community for over 100 years. Our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing ... help this church to serve a diverse congregation and welcome people from various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. At a weekly lunch program, church members join guests for lunch and conversation. Stories and prayers are shared, and connections are made as people get to know one another. Guests receive spiritual and emotional support, which is often more urgent than the need for physical food.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2012 - Beach Guild of Fine Arts Fall show and sale at the Lions Club, Ashbridges Bay. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm featuring 40 artists, free admission.


- Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand?

- If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know?

- Why do we say something is out of whack? What is a whack?

-Why does "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing?

- Why do "tug" boats push their barges?

- Why does "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean the same thing?

Have a good week - MB