March 1, 2012

THURSDAY, MARCH 1st, 2012 - "Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." - Benjamin Franklin

FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2012 - 2:00 pm - World Day of Prayer service at Glen Rhodes United Church, Gerrard Street, one block west of Coxwell. Theme - Let Justice Prevail. Written by women from Malaysia.

FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2012 - Second film in The Lent International Film Festival 2012 - tonight's film is "The King's Speech" Starring Colin Firth, Geoffry Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. The shy retiring son of King George V and Queen Mary sets about overcoming his stammer which leaves him nearly incapacitated when required to speak publicly. Do join us at 7:00 pm for this great film - good company, free popcorn and a wonderful discussion following the film. Bring a friend, bring two.

SATURDAY, MARCH 3rd, 2012 - Music for the Soul - Beach Jazz & Reflection featuring Malvern Dance Band - 4:30 - 5:30pm - sponsored by Beach United Church at St. Aidan's Anglican Church.

SUNDAY, MARCH 4th, 2012 - Join us for morning worship - second Sunday of Lent - Rev. Matt McKay leading.

MISSION CAPSULES: Our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing ... support Youth in Mission. YIM allows youth to accompany Presbyterian mission partners in Canada and internationally through short-term mission experiences. As these young people share in the mission of the church, they enhance their personal growth, learn skills and grow in their faith. In 2012, YIM is offering mission experiences in Taiwan, Israel/Palestine, the mission track at the Canada Youth conference, and the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY MARCH 23rd/24th, 2012 -- Beaches Women's Day Away - Leader Lynda Marshall. Friday evening - we gather at Mary Rae Shantz's home on Wineva - Lynda will introduce the theme for Saturday, we will have some introduction and social time. Saturday we will gather at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church, Don Mills from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be communion. $35.00 - contact Mary Rae Shantz - please confirm by Tuesday, March 20th.


A Sunday School teacher asked, "Johnny, do you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the Ark'? "No," replied Johnny, "How could he, with just two worms?"

A Sunday School teacher decided to have her young class memorize one of the most quoted passages in the Bible - Psalm 23. She gave the youngsters a month to learn the chapter.

Little Rick was excited about the task - but he just couldn't remember the Psalm. After much practice, he could barely get past the first line.

On the day that the kids were to recite the Psalm in front of the congregation, Ricky was so nervous. When it was his turn he stepped up to the microphone and said proudly, "The Lord is my Shepherd and that's all I need to know"

The minister asked a little boy if he said his prayers every night. "Yes, sir", the boy replied. "and do you always say them in the morning too?" the minister asked. "No sir, I'm not scared in the daytime"....

Have a good week - MB