Jazz Worship Services

This Sunday we are having the first in a series of Jazz worship services. It will be quite different and very casual.

At Beaches Presbyterian Church, jazz is a metaphor for much of what we do and value as a faith community: creativity, taking risks, improvisation, being in the moment, trusting in the promised guidance of Spirit. Come and join us on Sunday April 10, 2016 for a taste of “Jazz and Justice”.

Justice is when we want for others the very same things we want for ourselves and our loved ones, things like: healthy meals, safe neighborhoods, a home , an education, a job, decent and affordable health care, clean air and water.

When our common life, our laws and our worship reflect this love for the other – regardless of our neighbor’s race or color or gender or sexual orientation or religion or anything else that makes them different from us, then we are walking the path of justice.

At Beaches, we affirm our faith through worship and celebration that speak to peace and justice for all of God’s creation .What we are is a welcoming community where all can find healing and comfort, nurture and love. When we meet on Sundays, we help each other get a clearer sense of the presence of divinity and guidance in our lives.

We want our church to be a friendly environment for the entire family by providing many opportunities for fun and fellowship in which meaningful, joyful relationships can flourish.

Beaches Presbyterian Church, January 2016.

We have new windows!

Here is a picture of our new windows - thanks to everyone who contributed to this project!

Outside View - Windows

Announcement from the Minister

Hello everyone,

As our Clerk of Session Michael Brett announced on Sunday, the new windows have been installed and the workmen are finishing up the last bit of trim work. Jerry Greer and Marlene Barnett supervised the initial work and much of the original glass was successfully set aside for posterity and possible future projects.

To be sure, the look is different--but different is good. When we moved from the centre and side aisle orientation of the pews to the more ancient "in the round" style some 30 years ago (under The Rev. Drew Strickland), that too was different. Beaches has a long tradition of proving that different is good.

My own personal impressions are very happy! From the outside, they look lovely and new. On the outside, we show who we are on the inside--people who care and people who are doing something. No more holes, cracks, rust, and slumping sheets of glass due to failing supports. New, strong, and bright were the words that came to my mind. With the ramp and now the windows--the outside is reflecting the reality of the inspiring goodness inside.

Inside, (although they are not) the new windows seem much bigger. They are also brighter. More light comes through. It is not light that will blind--it is light that illumines and bathes the worship space. The textured glass adds a sense of mystery along with the clarity.

When I turned to leave the sanctuary, I was struck by the (newer) stained glass windows on the upper north wall (built by Marlene Barnett, Susan Kopulos, and other members of the congregation). They seem extra-striking, extra beautiful, and provide an excellent visual contrast. They are also a permanent testament to the historical stained glass. A great dialogue in light and art takes place between ancient and modern in our worship space. The remaining stained glass really presents itself now. The past will always be with us as we enjoy the present and welcome the future.

The windows remind me of the great churches built by Sir Christopher Wren after so many were destroyed in the great fire of London. He believed that clearer opaque glass could enhance the worship space and be just as majestic as coloured glass or glass that showed great pictures. Beaches now stands alongside St. Paul's Cathedral and the Church of St. Martin in the Fields. Not too shabby! Also, clear, open, and simple would have made John Calvin's heart very glad as well.

There is also the added bonus of being warm in the winter and cool in the summer and not the other way 'round any more! All of the new windows open at the bottom and are very energy efficient. It will be good to watch the heating budget this year to see what happens.

Come out on Sunday and let's see the light together!

The colour of the sanctuary now comes from you, God's people, the living images of God called to let their light so shine before others that all may see the true glory of God.

See you then!

PS: These windows were made possible through the great generosity of many wonderful people who gave gifts of heart and hand. There will be a dedication of the ramp and the windows to the Glory of God soon, so stay tuned for that special event!

New Access Ramp is Complete

Here are a few pictures of our new ramp - we are now fully accessible!

Ramp North View

Ramp South View

Ramp Door View