Mission Statement

Beaches Presbyterian Church is ...

A Community of Followers of Jesus Christ

  • We will provide a place of sanctuary, peace, prayer, healing, fellowship.
  • We will be open and accessible to all who desire to worship with us.

We are committed to ...

Glorifying God

  • We will worship God according to the reformed tradition of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  • We will administer the sacraments and celebrate the rites of passage (birth, marriage, death).
  • We will discern and develop the spiritual gifts present in all membeps.

Growing in understanding Christ’s message
  • We will interpret the scripture as the Word of God for our day.
  • We will educate adults and children in biblical knowledge and contemporary moral and social issues.
Embodying Christ’s love for all
  • We will accept all persons as created in God’s image regardless of gender, race, age, handicap, cultural heritage, or social and economic status.
  • We will provide spiritual, moral and emotional support through visitation and counseling.
  • We will support the caring ministries of our members in the community.
Sharing Christ’s Good News with the world around us
  • We will express God’s unconditional welcome to all who come to us.
  • We desire to grow and to welcome change in the church.
  • We will encourage the growth of God’s family in the Beach community.
  • We will share the facilities with which God has blessed us for the spiritual, physical, intellectual and moral development of children and adults in the Beach.
  • We will support the world-wide mission of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.